About Chicago Bagel & Deli

Chicago Bagel & Deli, formerly Daily Bagel, was started in the early 90s by Bagel artisan Julius Goldman with local and California investors. Mark, our son, and baker became Julius Goldman’s apprentice at the early age of 22. Under the wing of Julius, Mark learned culinary art from start to finish. Before starting our enterprise, he mastered the art of creating and shaping European, Italian, challah, levain, and hard-crusted rolls.


Edward and Marta Morales purchased Chicago Bagel in 1999. Edward brings 14 years of production expertise, complementing Marta’s 19 years serving the San Antonio Independent School District. Chicago Bagel & Deli is family owned and operated. We are rooted in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

Our Process

We make our bagels from scratch every day and boil them in water to give them that distinct tough, shiny, textured, chewy inside. Every Thursday, our gourmet bread is made in-house from scratch. We start making the challahs on Thursday, allowing for the process to take place that will enable us to bake them Friday morning, as the process begins every day to have the bagels baked for the next morning. Starting at 3:00 am, we bake our bagels daily; they are always fresh. We mix and shape them, giving them that distinct tough, shiny texture and delicious, chewy inside. We use high gluten flour, sugar, salt, and yeast. Our bagels have no dairy products except for our egg bagels. Our challah bread is fresh and ready every Friday.


Are your favorite bagels always gone? We apologize for the inconvenience and are happy to offer pre-orders of your favorite bagel(s). This benefits you, the environment, and our business.